2017 Las Vegas Tim Hortons Owner Convention

November 9, 2017
by Kaitlin Willetts

Another year has passed and it’s already that time of year again! The annual Tim Hortons Owner’s Convention is currently being held in Las Vegas this year and has been going on since Tuesday November 7th and coming to a close end of today. This is always a great opportunity for all the Tim Hortons franchisees to get together and meet with all their vendors for plans in the upcoming year.

As a vendor to Tim Hortons, we’ve enjoyed the relationship with them as their RBI Nation-wide supplier of graphics and design elements for several years now. Just to name off a few graphic and design elements, we’ve been providing them with their beautiful wall murals, vinyl prints, acrylic banners, product shots, hanging bulkheads, ceiling slats/baffles, community tables, lighting, and chairs. It’s a pleasure to do business with Tim Hortons, and we look forward to yet another year with them!

Below is a sneak peek of Maxxit Systems booth this year, and a few snap shots of what’s been going on.

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