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Baffle Ceilings

When designing a business, the ceilings are usually relegated to the last place. People pay attention to walls, floors, furniture, lighting, but little consideration to the top. However, this misconception needs to be changed: an exceptional ceiling can turn your location into a unique place.

If you include a spectacular ceiling in your design, you will provide a complete visual experience, which will give distinction to your spaces. Moreover, with a smart set of levels, you'll be able to offer a sensation of amplitude. One of the types of ceilings that can help you create an unparalleled design concept is baffle ceilings. It's essential that you learn more about these types of finishes and their great benefits.

What is a Baffle Ceiling?

This type of ceiling is composed of a series of deflector sheets placed uniformly between the original roof and the room. Due to their particular layout, they are ideal for distinguishing a space from its surroundings. Between one sheet and another, you can still see the original surface; it is an “open roof” construction.

When Is It Appropriate To Install Deflectors On The Roof?

There are two main reasons why you would consider it appropriate to install a deflector surface: for decoration or correction. In the first case, this design is very particular; few people are inclined by them. With an excellent interior designer like Maxxit, you will achieve an outstanding atmosphere for your business.

In the case of corrective installation, these ceilings are ideal for concealing a poured concrete structure. These concrete ceilings are unattractive, and not attending them will negatively impact the visual concept.

Also, when you use this type of material (concrete) make the proper installations of ventilation, air conditioners, and firefighting systems become challenging. The hardness of the concrete prevents these devices from being concealed. The deflectors will allow you to play with the height, and make the necessary connections and installations between the original roof and its decorative covering.

Finally, these ceiling types are exceptional for improving the acoustics of spaces. It is vital that you consider that a good acoustics is not only necessary for an excellent musical spectacle. By installing perforated baffles such as those provided by Maxxit, you will help significantly reduce the echo and unwanted sounds in the environment. This will allow you, to give a pleasant experience to visitors, allowing each group to share and enjoy without disturbing each other.

What Are the Advantages of Baffle Ceilings?

In addition to the corrective and aesthetic properties, these types of ceilings are genuinely convenient. One of the main advantages is versatility. They are fully customizable surfaces, so you and your decorator can let your imagination fly to create an exceptional ambiance.

Also, they are very light elements. Deflectors are usually made of materials such as aluminum, an element that provides an excellent balance of lightness and strength. This makes it easy to handle and install.

Maxxit Offers You the Best Tailored Solutions

If you want to distinguish your spaces through the installation of a unique, lightweight and entirely tailored roof, Maxxit offers you the best baffle ceilings selection on the market. Let us accompany you from the same design. Our installation services are integral and include from the conception to the final finish. Contact us.

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